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  • Afro American Hair and LLLT

    Afro American Hair and LLLT
    Source: By Andrey_Popov Photobiomodulation therapy or PBMT is an alternative treatment therapy that applies low-level laser light to the skin surface. PBMT is also referred to sometimes as Low-Level Laser Therapy or LLLT. For decades, PBMT has been used to promote wound healing, reduce inflammation, and repair nerve damage. Likewise, PBMT’s healing effects on skin cells and tissues also benefit hair follicles, making for...
  • How to Reverse Hair Loss From Medication - Tips and Advice

    How to Reverse Hair Loss From Medication - Tips and Advice
    Source: roboto / Shutterstock.com Hair loss can happen in different ways. Your scalp can shed hair prematurely or hair growth rates can slow substantially. For some people, shedding and slow growth happen at the same time. While different factors can cause hair loss (aging, heredity, poor diet), hair loss from medication is typically a side effect of a drug you’re taking. Medications cause hair...
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